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California Battery Penalties

Battery differs from assault in a critical way, though the two terms are often conflated. While assault only requires the threat of violence, for a battery charge to result in conviction, physical violence must have occurred. Because it is different than assault, battery also carries different legal consequences for those who are convicted. Knowing the difference between battery and assault, and the penalties you could be facing, may better prepare you for your legal case.

If you or someone you know has been accused of battery, it is important to have proper legal assistance and experience at your side. Contact the experienced San Jose criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., by calling (408) 296-4100 today. A capable and committed legal representative may be able to fight the charges laid against you, and decrease or eliminate any legal punishment.

Battery Penalties in California

Many states regulate criminal charges and convictions separately from the federal government. In California, a person convicted of simple battery may face penalties such as:

  • Probation up to 36 months
  • $2,000 in fines
  • Jail time up to 6 months
  • Community service

Simple battery is treated differently than aggravated or sexual battery, which carry more serious penalties, such as higher fines and longer jail sentences. Whatever charge of battery you are facing, having an experienced legal team on your side may increase your chances of avoiding the penalties associated with conviction.

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There is no time to delay seeking legal counsel if you have been charged with battery or a related crime. Contact the experienced San Jose criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., at (408) 296-4100.

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