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Does California Have a Breathalyzer Test for Cannabis?

a motorcycle police officer

While recreational marijuana use has been legalized this year in the state of California, it is still illegal to drive while high. Should you be pulled over by California law enforcement under the suspicion of driving while high, you might be asked to be tested for marijuana impairment. Here are a few ways you might be tested but rest assured, a breathalyzer test won’t be one of them. Field Sobriety Tests If the police office… Read More

Facing Allegations of Child Molestation? Here’s How an Attorney Can Help!

How could police test for a marjuana dui?

Your name and reputation can be permanently tarnished if you are charged with child molestation. Having access to a quality and effective lawyer can make a difference in fighting these allegations. The San Jose child molestation defense attorneys with the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., is an experienced and reliable firm dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients against child molestation allegations. Don’t allow these allegations to take hold. Your quality of life… Read More

3 Restraining Orders You Need to Know About if You’re Accused of Domestic Violence

Male Judge Writing On Paper

In violent relationships between couples, a restraining order can provide protection to the victim of domestic violence from their abusive partner. However, there are cases where people will file unfair restraining orders against their partner to get an upper hand during divorce. Here are three restraining orders you’ll want to know about if you’ve been accused of domestic violence. Emergency Protective Orders The victim of domestic violence or the police can ask a judge to… Read More

#MenToo Can Be Victims of Domestic Violence

Young man with trauma

Domestic violence can affect anyone, including men. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in seven men in the United States have been victims of severe physical violence by an intimate partner. In addition, one in ten men have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner. There may be more male victims, but they may have not reported or sought help for their abuse. There can be a… Read More

Tips You’ll Need to Prepare for Child Custody Mediation

Chinese and Caucasian Family

Are you about to go into a child custody mediation meeting to discuss your child’s future? If you’re worried about how the meeting might go, here are a few ways you can prepare beforehand. Do You Have Your Basics Covered?: These include your work schedules, your kid’s school schedule and planned trips, holidays, and special requirements. Special requirements can include medication or therapy. Take a printed copy that lists these basics to your meeting. What… Read More

3 Legal Issues that May Arise from Parental Relocation

Could you need a prenuptial agreement?

Parental relocation happens when a parent moves away following a divorce. A parent may move away for many reasons, including a new job or family commitment. This common issue can further complicate the divorce process or make it necessary to revisit certain agreements such as child custody, child support or spousal support. Child Custody A parent can move without immediately losing custody. In California, a change in custody is allowed only if the relocation would… Read More

What Happens if My Ex Doesn’t Pay Child Support?


Child support in California can be used for various expenses. Payments from your ex-spouse can help you afford groceries, school supplies, clothing or other essentials. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure you receive child support payments in a timely manner. You may have a few options to consider if your ex-spouse has stopped paying child support. Our attorneys could work to help you enforce child support payments. We could work to create an agreeable disbursement… Read More

What are the Warning Signs of Domestic Violence?

Woman Covering Her Face In Fear Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects millions of men and women in the US each year. For many of these individuals, they will face emotional, physical and financial abuse. If you are a victim of domestic violence, then it is important to understand that you have options to escape your abusive relationship. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize the warning signs of domestic violence or abuse. These warning signs may include: Coercion and threats toward you: Your partner… Read More

How Could a Felony Conviction Affect My Life?

How could police test for a marjuana dui?

A majority of states in the US separate crimes into two categories, felonies and misdemeanors. Felonies are more serious crimes than misdemeanors. These are offenses that may include assault, fraud, rape, murder or burglary. In addition to possible prison time and parole upon release, there are collateral consequences to consider after being charged with a felony. These are consequences that continue after your official punishment has ended. A felony conviction could affect your life in… Read More

Five Ways Social Media Could Affect Your Child Custody Case

Girl Typing Phone Message On Social Network At Night

We have written prior blogs on how social media could affect your criminal or divorce case. However, more can be said about how an errant social media post could affect certain aspects of your divorce. You could hurt the outcome of child custody proceedings if you are not careful. Common social media mistakes that may affect child custody include: Making threatening posts. Threats of physical violence or harassment could cause you legal trouble and may… Read More

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