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Public Defenders

The Constitution ensures your right to a lawyer. If you are arrested, you should immediately contact a lawyer to help you. Never speak to the police without a lawyer by your side: remember, the right to remain silent means you don’t have to talk. But for people who don’t (or can’t) hire a lawyer of their own, the government provides lawyers to defend them. These people are known as public defenders.

One of the most common reasons a defendant chooses to use a public defender is expense. Hiring a lawyer can be costly, while public defenders do not charge. But although lawyer fees are often high, many lawyers are willing to work with clients. Depending on the client and the circumstances, the client’s need for a good defense attorney-rather than a public defender-can be great.

Unlike criminal defense attorneys, who stand to benefit from winning cases, public defenders are often employed by the government. This means that, in many cases, criminal defense attorneys are able to dedicate themselves more fully to cases. By being able to devote more time and energy to the case, they can make a much more effective defense against your charges.

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