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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Arrested

Even if you are innocent, an arrest is a stressful situation for anyone. Unfortunately, the fright or emotion associated with an arrest can cause people to make bad choices or act in ways that they would normally avoid. In order to avoid exacerbating your charges or worsening your chances, it’s important that everyone knows to avoid these common mistakes after an arrest:

#1: Resisting in Any Way

Don’t physically resist the arrest in any way. Remain calm and compliant, even if you’re sure that what is happening is unjust. This can be tough because it’s hard to override our natural instinct to fight or flee when we feel threatened, but resisting can have a serious negative impact on your case.

#2: Talking with the Cops or Prosecuting Attorneys

Although prosecuting attorneys or the law enforcement officials participating in your arrest may seem friendly, they can trick you into confessing to a crime, which can later be used against you in court.

#3: Not Contacting a Lawyer Immediately

The best way to make sure that your rights are protected is to contact a lawyer right away. An attorney on your side can help you get the best outcome possible for your case.

#4: Not Contacting a Lawyer Until Your Court Date

This leaves very little time for an attorney to prepare for your case. Call a lawyer as soon as you know that you are wanted for something as minor as questioning in a case so that you can ensure that you are treated fairly.

#5: Not Contact an Attorney At All

By choosing to defend yourself, working with a public defender, pleading guilty, or not contacting an attorney, you are almost guaranteed to not reach the most optimal outcome for your case.

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