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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Finalize Divorce

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and former exotic dancer Amber Rose finalized their divorce earlier this month. The couple was married for 14 months and has a three-year-old child, Sebastian. The divorce was intense, and in the early stages of the custody battle over Sebastian both parents claimed that the other was unfit for care. The custody battle reportedly ended in a truce after Rose listened to her husband’s new hit song “See You Again,” which is about the value of family. The couple will now share custody of the child and say they are still friends.

Both parties seemed to benefit from the divorce, with Rose receiving $1 million based on their prenuptial agreement and $15,000 in monthly child support. Wiz Khalifa has an estimated net worth of $37 million and was able to retain both his home and the cars he frequently raps about.

Not all child custody battles can be ended with a beautiful song, but the attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. will do everything to keep your divorce as calm and civil as possible. Contact our California office today at (408) 493-0082 to see how we can help you settle your divorce.

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