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Seven States Where Divorce Can Be A Pain

In the following seven states, filing and waiting for divorce is time-consuming, expensive, and tedious, ABC News reported on August 6.

According to a divorce attorney, the most difficult states to get divorced in are California, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Nebraska, New York, and Arkansas. The basis of this statement stemmed from a review of the United States Census Bureau, Bloomberg reports, state bar associations, and state legislature websites.

Regarding California in particular, the initial filing fee is expensive, amounting to as much as $395. In addition this, the paperwork may take up to a year to process. Fortunately, however, California became the first state to allow no-fault divorce in 1970.

Due to the lengthy time the divorce process may take, it is important to seek the assistance of a skilled California divorce attorney. The legal team at the [firm-name], based in San Jose, can smoothly guide you through your divorce while protecting your interests through any disputes. To learn more about how we can help, call our offices at [phone-number] today.

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