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San Jose Paternity Lawyers

Establishing the paternity of a child can have important consequences for a number of different family issues, including child support and child custody. Therefore, whether individuals are undergoing a divorce proceeding or are simply seeking to establish certain legal rights or responsibilities, it is sometimes necessary to have a child’s paternity conclusively determined in order to create relevant legal agreements and documents.

At the [firm-name], our attorneys know how important establishing paternity is for many families in San Jose. While paternity can be established through a simple DNA test procedure, there may be a number of different actions that are necessary in order to legally establish paternity, not to mention a number of legal effects once paternity is established, making it critical to have qualified legal support when dealing with paternity issues.

Implications of Paternity

A child’s paternity can have a number of different implications for both the rights of the child and those of the child’s parents. Once paternity is established, the following legalities will likely need to be addressed:

Any of these issues can have profound consequences for all of those involved. As such, many people choose to seek legal representation when trying to establish paternity or fighting a party who is trying to establish paternity.

Discuss Paternity with an Attorney in San Jose

If you need help with any paternity matters in San Jose, our legal team at the [firm-name] is prepared to offer you the advice, guidance, and representation you need. Talk about your legal needs with us by calling [phone-number] today.

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