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San Jose Enforcing Court Orders Attorneys

The San Jose attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., understand how much time and effort couples put into the legal process of a divorce, and when one spouse fails to adhere to the divorce agreement, the other spouse may need help enforcing court orders. If your ex-spouse is being uncooperative regarding your divorce agreement, you should not be made to suffer, and the San Jose enforcement of orders attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that you don’t. Though enforcing court orders can be a complicated process, our San Jose attorneys have the experience and knowledge to make sure that your ex-spouse honors the terms of your divorce. We are prepared to help enforce orders in San Jose regarding visitation rights, alimony, child support payments and any other issue that you may have.

Reasons for Enforcing Court Orders in San Jose

Our attorneys in San Jose understand the complications that you face when your ex-spouse fails to follow through on the terms of your divorce, and we can help you enforce court orders when they:

  • Fail to pay child support
  • Deny alimony payments
  • Fail to follow visitation rights
  • Break the child custody agreement

If your ex-spouse has committed any of these violations, you may be able to file paperwork with the court requesting an enforcement action, and our San Jose attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., are committed to helping you through this process every step of the way.

Consult an Enforcing Court Orders Attorney in San Jose

At the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., our San Jose lawyers understand how challenging the divorce process can seem for those trying to reach agreements with uncooperative spouses. If you have been affected by a violation of your divorce agreement’s terms, our San Jose legal team aims to make the enforcement of orders process as smooth as possible. Call (408) 296-4100 today to speak with an attorney in San Jose who is prepared to help you understand your legal options.

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