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Michael Jace called father-in-law after shooting wife

The Shield actor Michael Jace, who is accused of shooting his wife April Jace multiple times, allegedly called and texted his father-in-law to inform him of the incident, the Associated Press reported on June 5.

In a three-minute 911 call, April Jace’s father told a dispatcher that he received a call and text from his son-in-law, who said he shot his own wife. The father, whose name was not released, added that his son-in-law wanted him to come over and get the couple’s two children, both of whom are under ten years old. The recording also indicated that the police already knew about the shooting before April’s father called.

Michael Jace was arrested on May 19 for a fatal domestic violence shooting. Jace’s lawyers did not comment on the audio recording and noted that they are still investigating their client’s case.

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