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Stealing Someone’s Mail

There are various degrees of crimes; that is, some crimes are more serious than others. Most people will agree that stealing candy from a grocery store is less serious than stealing a TV from an electronics store. Most people will agree that stealing a TV from an electronics store is less serious than robbing a bank. Most people will agree that robbing a bank is less serious than killing someone.

People are generally aware of most crimes and the seriousness those crimes entail. One such crime, however, that is very serious yet people may not think so is mail theft. Some people may feel that mail theft is a small crime that local authorities would deal with. In truth, however, mail theft is not a local crime, not is it a city or county crime, and it is not even a state crime. Stealing someone’s mail, in fact, is a federal crime.

The reasoning behind this is rather simple. The United States Postal Service is a large, complex machine whose fundamental function is to deliver mail throughout the nation (and to and from other countries as well). As a result, it is a body that spans the United States of America. The USPS is a federally funded entity, and as such the federal government has jurisdiction over it. Therefore, when someone steals mail the federal government can take action against that individual, who can face federal charges, which are more serious than non-federal charges.

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