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Rules on Warrantless Searches

American citizens enjoy a certain number of special legal protections under the Fourth Amendment that require police to present a valid search warrant before searching their property. If the police conduct a search without a warrant, anything they find may be discarded from the prosecution of that defendant in a criminal trial. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, providing police with a few instances in which warrantless searches are permissible.

When Warrants Aren’t Needed to Search

Police will usually need to obtain a warrant before they’re allowed to search a person or their property for evidence. Until the warrant is served, anything found in a search will be considered illegally obtained and outside the prosecution’s hands. However, the following instances may provide for warrantless searches:

  • If the property taken by the police was in plain view of a law enforcement officer
  • If the property taken by the police was collected during an emergency, such as a health crisis or during a chase
  • If the person being searched or the property owner can and does consent
  • If the person being searched is being arrested

Outside of these instances, the police are required to present a search warrant before taking action and confiscating property. If defendants can prove that no warrant was served when it should have been, this can often seriously weaken a prosecutor’s case against them.

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