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Online Gambling Charges

A person who runs an online gambling website or service may be arrested on criminal charges under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006. This federal law, which regulates gambling through online services, disallows people from taking money from another party for a wager or bet through the internet for an act that is considered illegal under either state or federal law. If a person is arrested under this law, they may face sharp consequences that can include heavy fines and a potential jail sentence of up to five years.

At the [firm-name], we understand that a defendant’s future is at stake when facing gambling charges in San Jose, and work hard to get them the defense they need. With the help of the right defense attorney, a person charged with such an offense can often get their sentence reduced or the charge dismissed.

Exemptions to Federal Internet Gambling Allegations

The UIGEA’s regulations ban many forms of internet gambling with a few notable exemptions. These exemptions to the law include the following activities:

  • Certain horse-racing services
  • American Indian inter-tribal gambling services
  • Contests that involve a prize and are educational or contestant-based
  • Fantasy sports leagues

In addition, the UIGEA doesn’t apply to state-specific online gambling operations. However, these gambling sites fall under the state’s criminal jurisdiction, and there may still be allegations associated with this kind of activity under state laws.

Contact a Criminal Lawyer in San Jose

If you’ve been arrested on federal internet gambling charges, you may face strict penalties that can derail your personal and professional aspirations. Fortunately, with the help of a lawyer from the [firm-name], you can fight these charges and potentially have the penalties reduced or even dismissed. To learn more about your defense options in San Jose, call [phone-number] today.

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