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Drunk Driving Accident Defense

Over 2 million drunk driving cases are reported each year across the country. Since drunk drivers are four times as likely to cause accidents, criminal drunk driving charges are very prevalent. Those accused of these crimes are subject to high fines and even jail time.

However, for those charged with causing an accident while under the influence, there is hope in defending yourself from these serious charges. The [firm-name] is available and willing to help you with your defense against these accusations. Our San Jose criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to fighting for your rights and freedoms if you have been charged with DWI. Contact us today at [phone-number] to secure the defense you need.

Defense Cases

It is common that the public will take the position that all accusations of DUI / DWI are true. As someone accused of DWI, however, you are innocent until proven guilty. Understanding the facts regarding an accident can help both you and your attorney decide how to best defend against the charges you face.

DUIs and DWIs are charges that should be fought. If convicted on charges of drunk driving, the penalties may be long, expensive, and harsh. They can result in years of imprisonment and expensive fines. It is important to take every possible step to avoid these devastating consequences.

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Hiring an attorney to defend you in your case can lead to lowered sentences and even dropped charges. There are many different facets to the law that may provide you with some relief against the charges you face. As attorneys well-versed in your rights and dedicated to your defense, the San Jose criminal defense lawyers at the [firm-name] can help you overcome some of the hardships these charges can cause.

Don’t allow yourself to be unfairly punished. Contact The [firm-name] at [phone-number] today.