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Domestic Physical Abuse

Domestic physical abuse is defined as the use of physical intimidation and harm toward a partner in order to exert control and claim power in the relationship. Women are the victims in approximately 85% of domestic physical abuse cases, though this is not to say that men are never the victims of physical abuse, or that every man accused of physical abuse is guilty.

If you have been accused of domestic physical abuse, it is in your best interest to contact a knowledgeable San Jose criminal defense lawyer who can help make sure your legal rights and interests are protected. Call the [firm-name], at [phone-number] for the representation you need.

Examples of Physical Abuse

Physical abuse does not include emotional, financial, or sexual abuse. It is forceful physical behavior that causes injury or bodily harm. This can include:

  • Direct contact such as beating, hitting, kicking, choking, burning, or shoving
  • Threatening with or throwing objects
  • Using objects to inflict bodily harm (doors, chairs, etc)
  • Using or threatening to use a weapon
  • Denying a partner food, water, sleep, or medication / medical care
  • Restraining or holding down
  • Forced substance abuse

In some cases, physical abuse may also be directed at pets, kids, or people who try to interfere.

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