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Defending Against Forgery Charges

Forgery is the act of falsifying a document, signature, or product. Certain documents and products fall under copyright law, and forgery is the imitation of any entity that is protected by this law. Defending against a forgery charge can be difficult, so hiring a criminal attorney is necessary to lessen the risk of conviction and associated penalties. Forgery charges can be challenged by proving that there was a lack of intent or legal capacity. Another argument could be that the act of forgery was performed under coercion. When a person is forced to complete an illegal action under duress, the law should protect that person from any associated repercussions.

Examples of Forgery

The most common type of forgery is the instance when an individual copies or mimics the signature of another on a document or form. Other common examples of forgery include:

  • Signing for another individual’s form or application
  • Using a false identity
  • Altering an official document
  • Replicating a product

Forgery laws are exceptionally strict since many forged documents serve important legal functions. As such, the charge of forgery becomes a serious matter. A talented criminal defense attorney is essential to fight a serious criminal charge such as forgery.

Contact a San Jose Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. are experienced dealing with different kinds of criminal law, protecting the rights of our clients, and upholding the law. If you or someone you know was recently charged with forgery, consult with a member of our legal team by calling our San Jose office at (408) 296-4100 today.

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