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Child Pornography

There are many crimes that an individual can commit. But there is a certain group of crimes that are particularly heinous. One of these crimes is the possession or creation of child pornography.

Throughout the world, child pornography is a very serious problem. There are lots of consumers of child pornography, so it continues to be produced. Child pornography is so bad because it takes advantage of and destroys the innocence of children.

Rightfully so, charges relating to child pornography are very severe. Usually they involve at least one decade in prison, though usually more. Also, all future contact with children is limited.

Child pornography significantly damages the children who are used for it. Psychologically and emotionally, their growth is stunted or damaged. When they enter adulthood, their development has been hindered so they may face a number of personal problems. Also, they sexual abuse as a child can also lead to physical damages if the child is prepubescent.

It is unquestionable that child pornography is a heinous crime. But those charged with possession or creation of child pornography are not necessarily guilty-after all, a guiding principle of the United States justice system is the concept of “innocent until proven guilty.”

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