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Child Neglect

According to California state law, neglect is a form of child abuse. It occurs when a parent or legal guardian fails to provide the child with sufficient supervision, food, shelter, or clothing. Neglect can be classified as severe when it puts a child’s physical health at risk, such as in the case that a child suffers from malnutrition.

Child neglect is a serious offense. If you have been accused of child neglect, it is in your best interest to consult a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. The San Jose criminal defense lawyers at the [firm-name] will fight vigorously to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Contact us at [phone-number] to discuss your case.

Investigative and Court Considerations

Being accused of child neglect does not mean that you are guilty. Police and Child Protective Services usually conduct a thorough investigation of a defendant’s home to determine the safety of the child(ren) involved. Many cases do not even need to go to court. Furthermore, being convicted of child neglect does not mean that your children will necessarily be taken out of your custody. Here are some factors that investigators and courts will take into consideration:

  • If there is an established history of abuse or neglect
  • If you have broken any other laws (drug offenses, etc)
  • The potential future safety of the children if they remain in your care
  • The child’s testimony obtained in an interview
  • If the child has another close relative who could be entrusted with their care

A reliable attorney can help you understand every step of this process and help you evaluate your legal options.

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The San Jose criminal defense attorneys from the [firm-name] are passionately committed to providing each of the clients with vigorous representation. If you have been accused of child neglect, contact us by calling [phone-number].

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