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Charges of False Billing

Allegations of false billing are enough to severely damage the reputation of a business in the eyes of its consumers. However, a conviction on these charges could have much more serious implications for business owners and any other person who is believed to have participated in illegal activity. That being said, you will need to do everything within your power to defend yourself and your business if you have been accused of any form of false billing practices.

Common Alleged Forms of False Billing

Though allegations of false billing can potentially involve any aspect of a company’s billing processes that are believed to be dishonest, the following represent some of the most commonly alleged practices of false billing:

  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Duplicate billing for services
  • Inflating the price of services
  • Falsifying billing records

Whatever the particulars of the allegations you are facing happen to be, our firm can develop a comprehensive legal strategy to defend your rights and to protect the future of your business throughout the legal process.

Consult with a False Billing Attorney in San Jose

If you have been accused of padding or otherwise falsifying the billing for your business, you should obtain legal representation as early on in the legal process as you are able. To speak with a San Jose false billing attorney at the [firm-name], about the particulars of the allegations that have been made against you, please call our offices at [phone-number] today.