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Bulletproof Vest Laws

California, along with several other states, has laws governing the possession and use of bulletproof vests. Also known as body armor, bulletproof vests can improve one’s chances of survival if shot. Since such items do not directly harm anyone, they cannot be banned outright. However, government officials feel that they are often worn in connection to crimes, and that if worn, they give the offender extra protection, possibly leading to more reckless behavior by him or her. Therefore, there are some penalties for wearing body armor while committing a felony.

Consequences of Wearing Body Armor

Bulletproof vests can keep us protected, and they do not directly put anyone at risk. However, law enforcement officers will notice if you wear one and are subsequently arrested for some other reason. These are some of the consequences of wearing a bulletproof vest in California:

If you are convicted of a felony and are wearing a bulletproof vest at the same time, this allows the court to impose sentence enhancements. Typically, 1 – 5 years will be added to your case for this act.

Even if you are not convicted of a crime while wearing body armor, if you were previously convicted of a violent crime and are later caught wearing a bulletproof vest by law enforcement, you may face penalties.

Many people are unaware of this law, but choose to wear bulletproof vests out of an understandable desire for safety. Keep in mind that if you do this, and a crime is committed in your area, you may be viewed with suspicion simply for being there with body armor.

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