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San Jose Debt Division Lawyers

In the same way that a divorcing couple in San Jose will need to divide all of their assets and property, their debts must also be divided between them. While any debt that a couple holds during their marriage will likely be divided equally between the two partners, there are a number of factors that may lead to one partner assuming more debt than the other after a divorce.

The process of debt division can be highly contentious, as whatever arrangement is eventually agreed or ruled upon will affect both individual’s future financial health. The San Jose-based legal team at the [firm-name], is prepared to advise individuals living in the San Jose area on how best to pursue a fair division of debt with their partner.

How Debt May Be Divided in a Divorce

Most debts that were taken on during the course of a marriage, in San Jose or elsewhere, are likely to be equally divided in a divorce. However, the following debts may be assumed by a single partner:

  • Debts that were incurred prior to a marriage
  • Debts that were independently accrued in the course of a marriage
  • Debts with a previously agreed upon division

Additionally, any disparity in independent income will usually be reflected in the division of debt. If you are concerned about the division of debt in your divorce, contact an experienced San Jose divorce attorney who can protect your interests throughout the process.

Contact a Debt Division Lawyer in San Jose to Learn More

At [firm-name], our San Jose team of debt division lawyers understands how sensitive almost every aspect of divorce can be, especially in regards to debt division. We are prepared to offer individuals living in the San Jose area discrete, experienced legal advice that can help secure their financial future. To discuss how legal representation may help with the division of your and you partner’s debt, please call [phone-number].

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