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San Jose Decreasing Spousal Support Lawyers

When spouses choose to divorce, a judge may order the spouse with the higher income to pay spousal support. Spousal support is meant to help those spouses with little or no income be able to maintain their standard of living. Sometimes, the spouse paying the spousal support is no longer able to pay the required amount, in which case it may be necessary to seek legal counsel. Our San Jose decreasing spousal support lawyers know how frustrating paying spousal support can be for those who feel they are unable to afford it, or those who believe ex-spouses can now afford to live without it.

At the [firm-name], in San Jose, our lawyers understand that circumstances change and a decrease in spousal support may be necessary. Thankfully, by taking certain legal steps, you may be able to reduce your required amount of spousal support. If you feel that you need your spousal support agreement decreased, our lawyers may be able to represent your interests throughout the legal process.

Reasons for Decreasing Spousal Support

There are several reasons that may be grounds for a decrease in spousal support in San Jose, including:

  • Cost of living adjustment
  • Increase in ex-spouse’s income
  • Illness
  • Loss of job

Financial circumstances are often in flux throughout life, and spousal support costs should not remain stagnant when this is the case. If any of these situations apply to you, our San Jose lawyers may be able to help you seek a decrease in spousal support.

Contact a Decreasing Spousal Support Lawyer in San Jose

The San Jose lawyers at the [firm-name], understand the difficulty you may be facing in paying your spousal support. That’s why our legal team is committed to helping people like you take action. Call [phone-number] today to speak with a decreasing spousal support lawyer in San Jose.

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