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San Jose Capital Murder Attorneys

Capital murder is one of the most serious criminal charges a person can face in the state of California. Considered worse than even first-degree murder, this charge comes with the harshest sentencing that is typically life-altering. As such, our lawyers at the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., know that anyone in San Jose who is facing a charge of capital murder is, understandably, frightened and worried about their future. Fortunately, when facing any criminal charge, a person is entitled to defend themselves in a court of law and enlist the services of an attorney who may be able to get their charged reduced or dismissed.

What Constitutes Capital Murder?

Capital murder differs from a charged of first-degree murder. In California, these murder charges are determined by special circumstances that, according to Penal Code 190.2, include:

  • Murder of a police officer, firefighter, prosecutor, judge, juror, elected official
  • Murder for financial gain
  • Drive-by shooting murder
  • Murder due to discrimination
  • Murder involving multiple victims
  • Murder of a witness to prevent testimony
  • Murder after committing first-degree felony

These actions would make a first-degree murder charge capital murder, which causes a defendant to face the most severe punishments if convicted, including a lifetime in prison or even the death penalty.

Contact a Capital Murder Lawyer in San Jose

When facing criminal charges like capital murder, a solid and trustworthy legal defense is of the utmost importance for defendants. At the  Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., our attorneys help San Jose defendants fight against conviction and harsh sentencing. With our skills, knowledge, and resources, we may be able to get you reduced sentencing or an innocent verdict. Call us today at 408-296-4100 to begin discussing your defense options.