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Pending divorce settlement would grant $1B to Harold Hamm’s ex-wife

Harold Hamm, owner of America’s biggest oil exploration company in Oklahoma City, Continental Resources, and pioneer of the Bakken formation shale exploration venture, must pay nearly $1 billion as a divorce settlement to his now ex-wife, Sue Ann Hamm, according to an article by the Independent on November 11.

A divorce judge in Oklahoma recently ruled that Hamm must dish out $972 million, $322 million of which must be paid by the end of this year. The rest may be paid in $7 million monthly installments until the entire amount has been transferred. Despite this large amount that poses to put Sue Ann on the list of wealthiest women in the U.S., her party believes she should have been granted more. Although they have not taken action yet, Sue Ann’s camp may plan to sue for more.

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