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One-day divorce court opens in San Diego

San Diego, California does its residents a public service by offering a “One-Day Divorce Program” at the San Diego Supreme Court, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

The divorce program’s supervising judge, Supervising Judge of the Family Court Maureen Hallahan, said that people must suffer through the slow, tedious process of divorce in family courts and that the “process takes too long to complete.”

A couple may spend days filling out paperwork for the proceedings and yet find themselves back at square one months later if they missed even one check box.

Hallahan added that the One-Day Divorce Program’s goal is to alleviate the procedural stress that divorcing couples experience, as they are already swamped with emotional strain.

The program can be undertaken by county residents who do not currently employ an attorney, who already made a divorce petition six months ago, and those who are ready for the final step in the process – a judgment.

In many cases, it is necessary to enlist the help of a lawyer who can work on behalf of your rights and interests throughout the entire divorce process. Our attorneys at the [firm-name], in San Jose can be trusted to give highly professional and knowledgeable legal counsel to people who are undergoing family legal matters such as divorce, a child custody case, or alimony and paternity issues. Get in touch with us today by calling [phone-number].

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