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Never-married couples separate as much as married couples in Sonoma County

An increasing number of couples in Sonoma County, California are opting not to get legally married and instead, live together and have children out of wedlock. However, many of these relationships also end in separations, just like married couples who go through a divorce.

Interestingly, never-married couples frequently wind up in court when their relationships end, due to child custody disputes and property battles. Regarding this point, San Francisco State University professor of psychology and fatherhood researcher Jeff Cookston said, “It’s safe to say the majority of all relationships end in some sort of dissolution.”

In 2015, Sonoma County issued 3,201 marriage licenses and received 1,727 divorce petitions, a smaller number compared to the number of couples who were divorced in 2011. Meanwhile, legal separations over the same five-year period declined to 100 from 137, according to Sonoma County Superior Court executive officer Jose Guillen.

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