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Moving on Financially After Filing for Divorce in California

If you are filing for divorce in California, you may wonder what will happen to your financial situation once your divorce becomes final. It’s natural if you feel a bit scared and confused about your future, but now is a great time to sit down and get your finances back on track. Take your financial records and get ready to start anew.

Save Some Cash

Filing for divorce in California can be a bit costly, and as such your divorce will most likely financially (and emotionally) draining. Look for ways to add to your savings account at least once a month. Even small amounts are good because something is better than nothing. Your emotional confidence will grow alongside your savings account.

Keep Money and Emotions Separate

Anger, loss, and grief are common after filing for divorce in California. Find ways to let these emotions out, such as exercise or therapy. Don’t use these emotions as a way to spend money. Treat your financial situation like a legal arrangement: manage your debt, protect your assets and keep your money away from your emotions.

Focus on Your Career

Now that you’re essentially starting a new life, this could open the door to some surprise career opportunities. Look at your budget to determine if you can take some classes. Update your resume and reach out to friends and colleagues to let them know what options you’re looking for.

Update Your Estate Plan

Your estate plan and will may need to be updated now that you’re divorced. Update those documents, along with other documents like your power of attorney or insurance policies.

A divorce is stressful and life-changing, but you can get through it. The Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. can help get you through the entire divorce process.

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