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Florida Rep. Alan Grayson working to gain full custody of children

Florida representative Alan Mark Grayson recently asked a Florida divorce court to grant him custody of his four children due to the mother’s allegedly questionable behavior, the San Jose Mercury News reported on June 2.

Grayson said Lolita’s mental state and temperament in recent days had been “bizarre, aggressive, and inappropriate.”

In court papers filed during the last week of May, Grayson said the court should award him the responsibility of being the sole decision-maker on matters regarding his children’s education, health, and other activities because Lolita Grayson has been making it difficult for the two of them to compromise on such matters.

The Graysons’ 24-year marriage was annulled after it was proven that Lolita was not divorced from her first husband when she married Grayson.

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