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What Should I Avoid Doing on Social Media After an Arrest?

Last week’s blog discussed how social media posts could get you into trouble during a bitter divorce. Errant social media posts can also cause you trouble if you were arrested and charged with a crime. Whatever you post online after your release could come back to haunt your case. Common social media mistakes people make after an arrest include: Discussing your case: Avoid discussing the specifics of your arrest on social media. This could include… Read More

What Are My Rights if I Am Arrested?

Most people would agree that being placed under arrest is a terrifying experience. Questions may rush through your head. Will I face prison time? Will I lose my job? Will my family disown me? The most important thing you can do if you are placed under arrest is to stay calm. Remember, you have certain rights that nobody can take away. You will be doing yourself a huge favor if you remain calm and flex… Read More

Have you been Arrested for a Marijuana DUI?

Using marijuana is now legal in California. Of course, many people are now wondering whether you can use it before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. So far, there is no legal limit in place concerning driving under the influence of marijuana. San Diego scientists are currently working on a project that will help determine the legal limit for drivers who use marijuana, especially when a marijuana DUI is concerned. San Diego Marijuana… Read More

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Santa Clara

Have you been accused of a crime in the Santa Clara area? Regardless of how you plan to plea, the best way to assure that your right of innocence is protected is to obtain the services of criminal defense attorneys in Santa Clara. What Type of Crime Does a Criminal Defense Law Firm Do? Criminal defense attorneys in Santa Clara cover a wide variety of criminal charges ranging from misdemeanors to felonies and their clientele… Read More

Former Santa Clara Sgt. and San Mateo Deputy Convicted for Separate Sex Crimes

In two separate trials, two California cops were convicted of unrelated sex crimes just doors down from each other. In one case, former Santa Clara police sergeant, Thomas Leipelt, was convicted for exposing himself to his girlfriend’s co-worker in the back room of her place of employment. According to the co-worker, Leipelt exposed himself and propositioned her for sex just after he finished having sex with his girlfriend in the restroom. He was sentenced to… Read More

San Jose man arrested for child pornography charges

A San Jose man was arrested for allegedly possessing and distributing child pornography. The search warrant was served by Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Sexual Assault Felony Task Force, or SAFE. They arrested Dennis Valle Cruz, 61, at his home. Cruz, who reportedly works for a tech company, is accused of sharing at least 10,000 images of children on his computer. Many of the images are infants, which makes him an especially serious predator, according… Read More

Man arrested while registering voters outside of Target store

The arrest of an activist outside of a Target store is the source of debate among San Jose residents. Salvador Bustamante, who is the executive director of Latinos United for a New America, was arrested while soliciting passersby to register to vote. While Bustamante says he was providing a public service towards bolstering democracy, Target says they have received numerous complaints from customers over the past couple months that describe Bustamante as “aggressive.” Target also… Read More

UC Berkeley Staffer Sentenced for Embezzling $400,000

A former University of California staffer and Pinole resident received an 18-month prison sentence after making a plea agreement back in February. DeSondra Ward, 45, formerly served as an administrative assistant and financial analyst at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. During her tenure, she repeatedly used the university’s travel system to purchase plane tickets for personal use as well as for friends and family. She continued to buy travel tickets and sold them to… Read More

Disney star arrested for drunk driving

22-year-old Disney channel star Debby Ryan was arrested for drunk driving. The actress starred on the channel’s popular shows Jessie and Suite Life on Deck. She later publicly apologized for her actions on social media. Ryan crashed into the back of another vehicle, causing minor injuries to the other driver. Police were called to the scene of the accident and conducted a sobriety test. The actress failed as she had a blood alcohol level of… Read More

Former American Idol competitor arrested on harassment charges

A former American Idol Season two competitor, 35-year-old Corey Clark, was arrested in Yuma, Arizona for felonious domestic violence-related charges. Clark was also charged with aggravated harassment and failure to comply with a court order. He was incarcerated at Yuma County Detention Center and appeared in court on the afternoon of September 24. The alleged altercation occurred on September 17 and involved Clark yelling at a man who was with his estranged wife, Monica Rodriguez… Read More

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