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Businessman petitioning to get rid of alimony

Huntington Beach independent software consultant Steve Clark maintains that alimony in the country is “outdated” and has proposed some major revisions to do away with the process, the Huntington Beach Independent reported on May 20.

Clark believes alimony is no longer needed, as women make up nearly half of the country’s work force and many make more money than their husbands.

Provisions of Clark’s proposal state that alimony would immediately stop being awarded in divorce and separation cases. Also, the initiative would stop alimony payments for those who had to pay over ten years, unless a specific extension by the courts was granted.

Clark himself went through a messy three-year divorce process, and he currently pays a mandatory $1,000 a month in alimony. The court case itself cost $100,000. In order for his proposal to make the ballot in November 2016, he must garner 365,880 signatures.

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