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Divorce in no-fault states

Proving fault in divorce can be tricky. In a no-fault state like California, a person could decide to divorce his or her spouse even without stating the wrongdoing done by the spouse. The person filing for divorce does not have the burden of having to prove in court that the spouse had been unfaithful. However, if your spouse’s unfaithful behavior has proven to be detrimental to your children’s health and welfare, the court will take… Read More

Ex-NFL player Reggie Rogers pleads ‘not guilty’ to domestic violence charge

Former University of Washington football player and first-round NFL draft pick Reggie Rogers pleaded not guilty to a domestic violence assault charge involving his wife in the Seattle Municipal Court on October 9. According to a KIRO report, Rogers was arrested at his home on October 7 after his wife told the police that they had been arguing about his drinking when he hit her on the head with a flashlight. 49-year-old Rogers had six… Read More

Research shows less divorces are caused by cheating

Infidelity causes less divorces compared to other factors, according to a study by the United Kingdom research institute Co-operative Legal Services. The researchers studied more than 5 million U.K. divorce cases beginning in the 1970s. The results implied that people today are half as likely to say that cheating caused their marriage to fail than in the early 70s. According to the research, 29% of divorces in the 70’s were caused by infidelity, while today… Read More

Ex-pro basketball player Sean Banks charged with domestic violence

Former NBA player Sean Banks was charged with several criminal charges, including domestic violence, after he broke into his child’s mother house in New Jersey. 28-year-old Banks, who has previous outstanding warrants, was charged with domestic violence, armed burglary, and other counts on Friday, September 27. Banks allegedly harassed the woman in her own house and slashed her vehicle’s tires when she told him to leave. He was also charged with felony resisting arrest by… Read More

Dodger fan allegedly stabbed to death by Giants fan

A Los Angeles Dodgers fan was stabbed to death near San Francisco’s AT&T Park in a confrontation with New York Giants fans after the Dodgers-Giants game Wednesday, September 25. According to San Francisco police, after the eighth inning, 24-year-old Jonathan Denver was walking with his father, Robert Preece, brother, and two other people after the Dodgers’ win when their group confronted some Giant fans who were leaving a nightclub. Twenty-one-year-old California resident Michael Montgomery was… Read More

California governor signs new domestic violence law

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a domestic violence bill that will require the state to enforce the most extensive restraining order rather than the most recent. Assembly Bill 176, which was authored by South Bay Assemblywoman Nora Campos, requires law enforcement officers to employ a no-contact restraining order, meaning the offending party may not contact with the victim as long as the case against him or her is ongoing. A provision of the bill penalizes… Read More

Clint Eastwood’s wife files for legal separation

Hollywood actor and director Clint Eastwood’s wife Dina filed for legal separation Monday, September 10 in Monterey County Superior Court in California. She is seeking custody of their 16-year-old daughter, Morgan. The couple have been married for 17 years in Caramel, although they have been living separately since August of this year, according to Dina. According to various sources, the couple started having marital problems during the production of the reality show “Mrs. Eastwood and… Read More

More money, more divorce?

The housing market in Los Angeles has increased, giving couples more money as the value of their homes increase, and with it, so have divorce rates. According to an article by the Los Angeles Times, this may be because couples in a financial bind can’t afford divorce. This August, home values have increased over 20% on average since last year in southern California. This means that couples who decide to split can now share the… Read More

California woman arraigned for supposedly killing husband

A California elementary school principal was arraigned yesterday after apparently shooting and killing her husband of 17 years. She was arraigned on first degree murder charges. Leslie Jenea Chance, 46, was arrested Thursday, August 29, after reportedly dumping her dead husband’s body. Todd Chance’s body was discovered by farmers in Bakersfield with multiple gunshot injuries, and his truck was found 20 miles away. While investigators have the murder weapon, they don’t yet have a motive. If… Read More

Douglas, Zeta-Jones take a break from marriage

Wall Street star Michael Douglas, 68, and 43-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones, of Entrapment and The Mask of Zorro fame, have decided to take a break from their relationship. According to People magazine, the actor couple hasn’t been photographed together since April 22, with reports stating that both Douglas and Zeta-Jones have vacationed separately with their children and have attended award shows alone. According to sources privy to the relationship of the couple, the pair decided to separate after Douglas came back from the… Read More

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