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Wife defends police officer arrested for domestic violence

Police officer Gilbert Lorenzo was arrested last Tuesday over an alleged incident of domestic violence against his wife. He was later suspended from the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Northern Division without pay, according to an online report dated Thursday, April 24. However, Gilbert Lorenzo’s wife, Tanya Lorenzo, rejected the accusation and defended him online. In a social media post, Tanya wrote that “Anthony is not a wife-beater,” and that people know nothing about what… Read More

‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ contestant arrested over domestic violence charges

A reality TV contestant who appeared on an episode of ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ was recently released after posting bail on charges of domestic violence and felony vandalism, an online report stated Thursday, April 3. According to the report, the police arrested Stephanie Costa at her home in Clovis on Wednesday due to an accusation that she injured her boyfriend’s face after damaging his bedroom door and the door of his garage. The report also stated that… Read More

How marriage can affect your taxes

A recent marriage or divorce can affect the process of filing taxes. Remember the following tips when filing your taxes this season. To determine whether you should indicate “single” or “married” when recording your status in your tax return, determine what your civil status was on December 31, the last day of the tax year. If you are currently undergoing divorce proceedings, your status is still considered married. Couples who choose to file tax returns… Read More

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin separate

On Tuesday, March 25 actress Gwyneth Paltrow, 41, announced that she and her husband, Chris Martin, 37, would be separating. In a blog post, Paltrow mentioned that she will continue living in Los Angeles while Martin will fly back to London. Paltrow and Martin spent most of their 10-year marriage in London and recently moved to Los Angeles last summer with their children. Recent reports indicate that the move to Los Angeles caused tension in… Read More

Tulare chief of police arrested over alleged domestic violence charges

Tulare Police Chief Jerry Breckinridge was taken into custody and released on $50,000 bail over allegations of domestic violence, according to a news report published on Tuesday, March 18. According to the report, the California Highway Patrol received a report from Breckinridge’s girlfriend, claiming he had committed domestic violence. The California Highway Patrol then forwarded the complaint to the County Sheriff’s Department, who arrested Breckinridge’s at his house Sunday. An investigation by the County Sheriff’s… Read More

Divorced Jewish woman unable to remarry

Though Lonna Kin has been divorced under California state law for 7 years, she remains married to her first husband under Jewish law. Kin’s husband has recently remarried because of a loophole in Jewish marriage doctrine. The same loophole is not available to Lonna. Lonna will only able to remarry if her husband grants her a “get.” A get is a document that proclaims the marriage dissolved. The attorneys at the [firm-name], handle family law… Read More

Former CA lawmaker under arrest for domestic violence and child endangerment charges

Former Fullerton Mayor and North Orange County Representative Chris Norby was put under arrest over allegations of child endangerment and domestic violence, an online report stated Thursday, March 13. Authorities said the 64-year old former assemblyman was released on a bond of $10,000. No further information has been revealed regarding his arrest Wednesday night. In 2010, Norby was arrested for fighting with his wife, though no charges were filed. Keeping your rights, freedoms, and good… Read More

Singer Robin Thicke faces marital problems

Reports indicate that, following MTV’s 2013 Video Music Awards, Robin Thicke and his wife, Paula Patton, argued about what transpired on stage during Thicke’s duet performance with Miley Cyrus. Patton allegedly felt disrespected by the sexually explicit nature of the performance. Apparently Cyrus improvised a significant portion of the number and Patton felt that Thicke shouldn’t have participated to the extent that he did.  Circulating rumors indicate that Patton told Thicke that she wanted a divorce on… Read More

Marine sentenced for assault on girlfriend

A 34-year-old Marine from Southern California has been sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment over charges of domestic violence, torture, and witness intimidation after beating her girlfriend in December 2012. An online report published Monday, February 24 stated that Anthony Rollins brutally hit his girlfriend in their home in Murrieta, causing her to suffer from loss of hearing, skull fractures, brain hemorrhage, and amnesia. The girl barely remembered the assault, but had later reported the… Read More

Prosecutors drop murder charge saying wrong twin was accused

Prosecutors from Santa Clara County dismissed a murder charge against an 18-year-old Californian man on Wednesday, February 5, after they found out that the wrong twin was charged. Duc Tong was first accused of killing 22-year-old Richard Phan in a party at Piedmont Hills, but Deputy District Attorney Dan Fehderau later ruled in a court hearing that the murder charge should instead be placed against his twin brother, Anh Tong. Fehderau refused to reveal the… Read More

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