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Ben Vereen’s surprising bigamous past

69-year-old theater actor, dancer, and Tony Award winner Ben Vereen is now facing allegations that he spent 36 years illegally married to two women at the same time. The women involved are Andrea Vereen, his first wife of 50 years, and Nancy Bruner, with whom he tied the knot in 1976 in California, and later divorced.

In Brooklyn Supreme Court on Thursday, September 8, Ben and Andrea Vereen arrived. Ben contended his divorce with Andrea was finalized after five years of marriage, but Andrea claims the divorce was never finalized.

Andrea Vereen said she only learned this information when she filed for Social Security benefits at age 65 in January 2016 in Brooklyn in New York. Her legal counsel, Harold Mayerson, told the judge: “She raised their child and deserves to benefit from the success of Mr. Vereen, a well-known singer and dancer.”

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