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Why Defaming Your Spouse May Be a Bad Idea

Going through a divorce can be very difficult, no matter what the circumstances are, but particularly when you completely disagree with your spouse on many, if not all, aspects of the divorce. In this kind of divorce, a person may develop strong negative feelings for their soon to be ex-spouse, and as a result, may feel the urge to defame his or her spouse and his or her behavior publicly. However, at the [firm-name], we often discourage this kind of behavior for people pursuing divorce in San Jose because of the many negative consequences this can possibly have.

Reasons to Resist Defamation

Even if your spouse was unfaithful or acted in another way that you feel is unpardonable, you should try to avoid the temptation of publicly discussing negative things about your partner. This is largely due to the fact that defaming your spouse can lead to:

  • The use of that defamation against you in divorce proceedings
  • The creation of a poor image or reputation
  • Negatively affecting any children or other family involved
  • Regret in the future

Although many divorces can quickly become very negative, you should try your best to protect yourself and your interests by avoiding defaming your partner.

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