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Voter Fraud

Although the United States is a democratically-based society with free elections, there is a history of voter fraud in our elections. When cases of voter fraud are discovered, constituents are less likely to trust and be involved in the political system, and as such, voter fraud is a crime that is taken very seriously and carries harsh penalties for those convicted.

Types of Voter Fraud

There are various types of voter fraud. While many of them involve laws directly dealing with the behavior of politicians during or immediately after electoral campaigns, there are also general laws, such as assault and libel, that can be broken in the attempt to garner more votes or harm another candidate’s campaign. There are also things that can be done well in advance of elections to try to harm another party or candidate. Common types of voter fraud include:

Gerrymandering: While most gerrymandering is legal, there have been cases where representatives were bribed or threatened in order to influence their decisions

  • Physical or economic threats
  • Perceived or violent intimidation
  • Buying of votes
  • Misinformation campaigns (may be illegal when they include libel or slander)
  • Miscounting or misrecording votes
  • Ballot stuffing

Sometimes the line between tough political campaigning and voter fraud can be blurry. If you are under suspicion of voter fraud or have been charged with this crime, it may benefit you greatly to speak with a qualified and determined defense lawyer.

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Voter fraud charges are serious and the results of a conviction could be devastating to a political career in addition to having harmful effects on your personal life. If you are facing such charges, contact the San Jose criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., at (408)296-4100 today.

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