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Under Investigation

If you are asked to come voluntarily into the police station for questioning, do you need a lawyer?

Yes, it is important to have a lawyer present. After a crime, the police prepare an investigation report. The prosecuting agency then determines whether to file criminal charges and which specific charges will be filed.

During the investigation, you could unknowingly provide information which will help to prosecute you. Since law enforcement is specially trained to obtain information from an unsuspecting person, it is necessary that you have legal protection. It is only reasonable that one would want to explain their position, but legal counsel should be present to make sure the message is being conveyed accurately and clearly.

It is essential to fight your case before charges are filed. A pre-file case is when a person is under investigation but charges have not yet been formally filed. Contact an attorney before you are arrested or charges are filed, so that you can have the most legal protection.

Lawyers can contact law enforcement and intervene for you in avoiding polygraphs, interviews, fingerprint/handwriting analysis, line-ups and other investigative measures which could be damaging to your case. They also will place pressure on law enforcement. If an arrest becomes inevitable, the attorney will be able to assist with surrendering and arrangement of bail.

If you are under investigation, make sure you obtain proper legal counsel to protect yourself. Call the San Jose criminal lawyers at the law firm of Daniel Jensen today at [phone-number].

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