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The Benefits of a Pre-Marital Agreement

The word “prenup” carries negative emotional connotations for many people. It is often believed that asking for a prenuptial agreement hints that the partner is not fully committed to the marriage. There are, however, many benefits to creating a pre-marital agreement. Marriage is not just an emotional arrangement; it is a financial union as well.

Couples who are willing to discuss a pre-marital agreement in the event of a divorce can protect themselves from huge financial consequences. It is important to realize that wealthy couples are not the only people that could benefit from a pre-marital agreement. For example, individuals who have put away money for years could protect themselves from losing everything they have worked so hard to save. Learning the benefits of this contract may make it easier to discuss a pre-marital agreement with your future spouse.

Common Benefits of Pre-Marital Agreements

If you are open to discussing a pre-marital agreement with your future spouse, you and your partner could ensure that your interests are protected in the event of a future separation. Benefits of a pre-marital agreement include:

  • Protects your financial stability
  • Protects the financial stability of your children
  • Reduces conflict
  • Outlines spousal support

The benefits of a pre-marital agreement may outweigh the emotional conflict and financial losses that you could face in the event of a separation.

Consult with a Pre-Marital Agreement Attorney

Once you and your future spouse have agreed to seek a prenuptial agreement, legal guidance will be necessary to help you create a legally binding agreement. The lawyers at Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. are committed to helping individuals decide how to best protect their assets in the event of a divorce. Call (408) 296-4100 today to consult with an attorney interested in protecting your legal and financial rights.

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