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Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing fraud is a criminal act in which the perpetrator coerces another individual or company to donate money to a fake cause or to receive goods or services that will never be delivered. The typical medium for this type of fraud is the telephone.

Telemarketing fraud comes in all forms. It is easy for one to become a victim in these targeted schemes, where the criminals often seek to attack demographics that are more likely to be fooled or willing to give, or those who are less likely to tell a persistent telemarketer to go away. Often times, the caller will be extremely unrelenting and will present free services or a generous offer that needs to be acted upon immediately. Fraudulent telemarketers are skilled at sounding genuine, but there are certain tip-offs that indicate their real intentions:

  • If the telemarketer tells the recipient of the phone call that he or she needs not know anything more about the company making the call.
  • If the caller tells you to act immediately before the offer expires.
  • If the telemarketer asks you to provide personal financial information over the phone, such as a credit card number.
  • If the service or goods are free, but you have to pay fees for other services.

If you have heard these tip-offs before, most likely, you are the victim of a fraudulent telemarketing scheme. Those who have received these phone calls are encouraged to contact the National Fraud Information Center, or other similar resources.

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