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Simple Possession of Cocaine

Cocaine possession is illegal in every state in the United States; however, each state has varying penalties for this drug crime. In California, cocaine is listed as a Schedule 2 drug as it has a few small medicinal purposes in addition to being highly addictive and harmful. Although the actual penalty will depend on the particular conditions of a person’s charge, large fines and lengthy prison sentences almost always accompany a cocaine possession conviction.

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Conditions of Cocaine Possession

In California, cocaine possession may be treated as a misdemeanor or a felony, and the severity of the charges may range from no prison time to years of imprisonment, depending on certain circumstances, such as the amount found in a person’s possession. Some of the factors which influence penalties for cocaine possession are:

  • Quantity – Penalties will increase to harsher fines and longer prison sentences if the amount indicates there was intent to sell.
  • Location – If possession occurred on school grounds or a minor was involved, prison sentences may increase significantly.
  • Record – Previous criminal record or charges for carrying without the intent to sell could result in a prison sentence and felony probation.

Facing charges of cocaine possession can be frightening and confusing, especially when you are uncertain of the penalties you may face. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can not only clarify what charges are being held against you, but can also help you fight those same charges.

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