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Public Indecency

Society has created a set of standards that we are meant to uphold. These standards are generally different for various geographic areas around the world. Depending on where you go, certain activities are seen as either lewd or inappropriate, suggesting that the standards that govern our society are subjective in nature.

Public indecency is one these offenses. Public Indecency doesn’t refer to anything specific; it is actually an umbrella term referring to any act that is considered indecent by the local community. Generally, the most common form of indecency is sexual misconduct or indecent exposure. Sexual misconduct is considered to be the public display of genitals in plain view. This can range from simply exposing one’s self in a public area to having sexual intercourse in a public place.

Since the definitions for lewdness vary with respect to the local government, the respective punishments for these acts change as well. Depending upon who the crime was committed against, the ruling on the matter can be fairly harsh. The crime can be committed in just about any public arena; the workplace, at school, or in the library, among other locations.

Certain other activities like mooning, streaking, or skinny dipping are considered to be questionable in certain public arenas, but are hesitantly accepted in other areas. If you are considering any kind of questionable act (sexual or not), it is important to make sure it is accepted in your community, and also that it is legal.

It is disappointing when the legal system puts innocent law abiding citizens in jail for something as petty as indecent behavior. If you have found yourself in an unfavorable situation, it is important that you have a lawyer that will fight for you and your rights as an American citizen.

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