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Providing Alcohol To A Minor

Alcohol has a long history. Societies have consumed alcohol for many years. Some have deemed it acceptable, while others have deemed it immoral or dangerous. In the United States today, minors are legally forbidden from purchasing, possessing, or drinking alcohol. Moreover, the United States also has laws that state that someone overage cannot purchase, provide, or offer alcohol to a minor.

Providing alcohol to a minor is illegal for a number of reasons. The first reason is that making it illegal prevents adults from helping children break the law. Children are intelligent, and they will try whatever they can to get alcohol, including using adults. Another reason that adults are legally not allowed to purchase alcohol for minors is that they are deemed irresponsible. People believe that children who get access to alcohol will go crazy with it, consuming excessive amounts and losing control.

Moreover, they believe that children will not know how to handle consuming alcohol. For example, if they get drunk, will they nonetheless think it is okay for them to drive afterwards? Finally, children are legally forbidden from drinking alcohol possibly because it is believed that children may not understand the health effects of alcohol or that they may suffer more severe health problems because of their age or their excessive, irresponsible consumption.

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While laws are tough on children who possess alcohol, they are even harsher on adults who provide alcohol to a minor. If you have been charged with providing alcohol to minor, contact the San Jose criminal defense lawyers of the law offices of Daniel Jensen by calling [phone-number].