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Property Division and Divorce

Divorce is a lengthy process that involves many different aspects, one of which is property division. Except divorces that involve pre-nuptial agreements, property division in divorce is fairly straightforward; any property that has been acquired by the couple after they were married is considered shared property and will be divided fairly between them in the event of divorce. Unfortunately, as we at the [firm-name], know, many people in San Jose find themselves battling with their soon-to-be ex-spouse over what is considered fair division of their communal property.

What Property Typically Needs To Be Divided between Spouses?

Fairly and equally dividing property during a divorce can be easy, but issues such as dividing debt and determining the value of assets, such as homes and vehicles that cannot be split in half, can make it somewhat more complicated. Typically though, the value of the following properties and assets will be considered when dividing debt:

  • Home(s)
  • Other properties / land
  • Personal possessions, such as furniture and jewelry
  • Vehicles
  • Debts

Dividing these and other properties can feel overwhelming. But you do not have to deal this situation by yourself, as an experienced lawyer can guide you through the debt division process and make sure your interests are represented.

Contact a Divorce Attorney in San Jose

An experienced lawyer in the San Jose area can help make sure that your rights are not violated during the property division process of divorce. You can talk through your situation and discuss your options with an attorney from the [firm-name], today by calling our offices at [phone-number].

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