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People can commit a host of crimes to harm one another. They may kill someone or rob others. They may also choose to attack and beat up another individual. Another method by which someone may try to harm another person is by destroying that person’s property. All of these acts are criminal.

One method that people generally do not think about when they think how someone may harm someone else is the act of poisoning. Poisoning has a long history across many different societies. Although in the modern age, poisoning as a means of causing harm has becoming decreasingly used, that does not mean that it cannot be used to harm people. Traditional poisons are available, as are newer poisons as well.

The penalties for poisoning can range from somewhat mild to very severe, depending on what the outcome of the poisoning is as well as the planning given to the poisoning. If someone gets sick from the poison and has to go to a hospital but does not die because of the poison, then the criminal sentence will be lighter than if the poisoned person died because of the poison. Or, if it can be proven that a person planned over a long period of time to poison someone, the criminal punishment will be harsher than if someone poisons someone else spontaneously.

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