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Penalties for a Felony DWI Conviction

The state of California considers drinking and driving an extremely serious criminal act, and punishes those who are convicted of a drunk driving related charge relatively harshly. Unfortunately for those charged with an offense, a felony DWI charge is one of the more serious offenses in this category, as a conviction can leave a person saddled with potentially life altering penalties.

Possible Penalties for a Felony DWI

There are numerous penalties that could result from a conviction of a felony DWI. Although the specific penalties that a person will face if convicted will vary depending on the circumstances of their case, some of the broad penalties that a person in this situation could face include:

  • Financial penalties and criminal fines
  • Suspension of license
  • Jail time
  • Ignition interlock device

Such factors as whether a person has been previously convicted of a crime, or caused another person harm or killed someone in an accident, can cause these penalties to be even more severe.

Get Help for a Felony DWI Charge from a Lawyer in San Jose

If you or someone you care about is facing a felony DWI charge, our lawyers at the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., can help you build a strong defense and fight the charge(s). We know how frightening it can be to face the possible penalties of a felony DWI conviction and, as such, do our utmost to fight this outcome for our clients. Call us at (408) 493-0082 to discuss your situation and find out how we can help.

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