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Pederasty is generally defined as a sexual relationship between a man and a boy. In the United States, this is considered a form of child molestation and, as such, is punishable by law. Once convicted, pederasts typically must list their names in a sex offender registry.

Pederasty is a serious crime that may carry a heavy sentence. If you or someone you love has been accused of pederasty, contact the San Jose criminal defense lawyers of the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. at [phone-number] to discuss the facts of your case.

Pederasty in History

In some societies, pederasty has been historically accepted and encouraged. Ancient Greeks, for example, are said to have often engaged in pederasty, in which an elder wise-man would take a boy as his protégé. The two often engaged in sexual acts.

Pederasty lost its acceptability in later years after people started to label such acts as child molestation. Indeed, many of the relationships are between men and boys who are not of legal age of consent.

In the United States, the North American Man/Boy Love Association advocates for pederasty, but the actions are still considered illegal. While membership in NAMBLA is not necessarily a crime, committing the actions it advocates certainly is.

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If you or someone you love has been accused of pederasty or any other act of sexual molestation, you deserve experienced legal representation during your trial. Contact the San Jose criminal defense attorneys of the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. at [phone-number] for more information.