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Parole in California

After an individual has been incarcerated for a period of time, he or she may be released on parole prior to the predetermined date of release. Parole is the conditional release of a prisoner in which he or she must maintain government supervision for a specified period of time. Those released on parole must abide by certain requirements (for example, regional restrictions are commonly applied). Should the individual violate the terms of his or her parole, re-incarceration will result.

How Does a Prisoner Become Eligible for Parole?

According to US statistics, the most common type of offender that earns parole is a drug offender, and most parolees are released from prison after a period of one year or longer.

Typically, good behavior alone is not enough to make one eligible to qualify for parole. Candidates must be approved by a parole board first, and a certain amount of time must pass before parole is even taken into consideration. Those who are considered for parole must first agree to the terms set by the parole officer. Parolees must find solid employment directly after release and have a permanent residence established.

What Happens if I Violate Parole?

In 2007, of the nearly 800,000 individuals on parole in the United States, approximately 183,000 were returned to imprisonment due to parole violations. Common requirements of those placed on parole are employment, attending substance abuse meetings, and performing community service. In California, violators of parole conditions will return to jail.

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