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Is Mediated Divorce Right for Me?

While divorce can be a hard and confusing process for any couple, there are many who want to end their marriage peaceably and as fairly as possible. When this is the case, mediated divorce may be the best option.

Mediated divorce is a process in which important decisions regarding a divorce are made by the couple. A neutral third party will mediate these discussions to ensure that the conversation is not derailed by any disagreements so that the couple can reach a fair agreement. There are several benefits to a mediated divorce, making it a valuable tool that is worth considering for many couples.

Considering Mediated Divorce

Certain factors should be considered when determining whether or not mediated divorce is the right choice for a couple. If you and your spouse meet one or more of the following criteria, mediated divorce may be right for you:

  • The decision to divorce is a mutual one
  • You do not blame your spouse for your divorce
  • You know your financial situation and how divorce may affect it
  • Domestic abuse was not a factor in the separation
  • Alcohol and drug abuse was not an issue
  • You believe your spouse is fit to properly take care of your children
  • You have no desire to reconcile

While mediated divorce may not be right for every couple, it is a welcome option for those looking to end their marriage amicably. However, as many individuals do not fully understand the process of mediated divorce, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be an invaluable asset to your divorce proceedings and peace of mind.

Contact a San Jose Mediated Divorce Attorney

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