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Incarceration versus House Arrest

Many people accused or convicted of crimes never serve jail time. An alternative to incarceration is serving time under house arrest. House arrest allows those convicted of crimes to serve time in their own homes. Judges must grant house arrest and getting permission requires the skills of a legal professional. At [firm-name], our lawyers understand how intimidating the prospect of incarceration can be for California residents, and we work diligently to gain the most favorable outcomes for our clients.

Terms of House Arrest

House arrest does not simply confine criminals to their homes. House arrest is a general term that applies to many situations and is determined by a judge on a case by case basis. Judges may choose to restrict the mobility of a criminal by placing any of the following terms on a house arrest:

  • Limiting range of freedom with an electronic monitoring system
  • Tracking alcohol consumption with an alcohol monitoring bracelet
  • Random drug testing
  • Face to face meetings with a probation officer

If these alternatives sound preferable to an extensive jail time, our lawyers can help you determine whether or not your case would permit a house arrest option.

Speak with a House Arrest Lawyer

An agreement of punishment to be served under house arrest can only be obtained by a skilled defense attorney. At [firm-name], our lawyers work hard to gain the best outcomes for their California clients. Whether you are looking to minimize incarceration time or win an alternative sentence like house arrest, our lawyers are prepared to help you. Call [phone-number] today to speak with a lawyer capable of fighting for your legal rights.

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