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Illegal Handgun Possession

In the State of California, all citizens who wish to purchase handguns must undergo extensive background checks before being cleared to purchase a weapon. All handguns must be purchased from a licensed California firearms dealer.

Acquiring a handgun by different means is usually against the law. If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges for illegal handgun possession, contact the San Jose criminal defense lawyers of the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C. at [phone-number] to discuss your case.

California Handgun Rules and Regulations

Unlike many other states, California does not require individuals do obtain a license before purchasing a handgun, though individuals are required to take and pass a handgun safety test before being eligible to purchase handguns.

Additionally, most individuals do not have to register their weapons unless they are moving to California from out of state. These citizens have 60 days to register their weapons before facing potential legal action.

Individuals wishing to carry their weapons in public must obtain a concealed handgun license. In some cases, handgun dealers may require individuals to have these licenses before selling them a weapon.

Though individuals who buy their handguns in California are not required to register their weapons, the arms dealers who sell the weapons are required by law to keep records of their clients and are required to turn these records over to law enforcement officials.

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In many cases, the only way an individual illegally possesses a handgun is when he or she obtains the weapon through illegal means. If you are currently facing illegal handgun possession charges, contact the experienced San Jose criminal defense attorneys of the [firm-name] at [phone-number] for a free case evaluation.

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