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How Moving can affect Child Custody Cases

In their effort to always ensure the safety and well-being of the child or children, courts are often fairly flexible when it comes to creating custody arrangements that prioritize the child above all else. However, the child custody agreements determined by the court can change if one parent decides to relocate. Whether it is because of a new job opportunity or any personal reason, sometimes moving can be unavoidable for a parent. When moving could possibly affect a child, court proceedings may take place that can change custody agreements based on the relocation.

Court Considerations in a Parent Relocation Case

If one parent believes that their ex-spouse’s relocation could potentially be harmful to the child, they may seek the help of a court in mitigating the child’s distress. Some factors a court will consider when ruling on a parent move-away order include:

  • The children’s ages
  • The children’s community or school-related ties
  • Any special health or educational needs of the children
  • In some cases, the preference of the children themselves

While these are the main factors a court considers in a relocation case, many other factors can determine if one parent moving can change child custody agreements. As their purpose is to ensure the welfare of your children, these cases should not be taken lightly. Whether you are the relocating parent or the one who is concerned about how the move will affect your child, the legal assistance of an experienced family attorney is essential to making a strong case.

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