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Heroin Possession

In California, possession of controlled substances can cause a person to be charged with serious penalties. State law labels heroin as an illegal substance that cannot be carried, sold, or transported. Due to its highly addictive nature and purely recreational use, heroin possession is always treated as a felony. However, the penalties may vary in severity depending on certain circumstances of the charge.

If you are facing charges for heroin possession, the San Jose criminal defense lawyers from the Law Office of Daniel Jensen, P.C., will fight aggressively for you and to protect your rights. Call us today to speak with a member of our staff at [phone-number].

Conditions of Heroin Possession

The penalties of a heroin possession conviction depend on the quantity of heroin, the intent of the carrier, and whether minors were involved. Some of the conditions of heroin possession charges are:

  • Amount – Larger amounts of heroin will likely result in longer prison sentences and heavier fines. Smaller amounts, however, may allow the charged individual to participate in a drug diversion program instead of going to jail.
  • Intent – Possessing heroin for personal use can result in up to a $70 fine and a 1 to 3 year prison sentence. However, possessing for sale or traffic could result in much more severe consequences.
  • Minors – Selling heroin to a minor can result in length prison sentences. An additional 1 to 3 years can be added at the court’s discretion, depending on the age discrepancy.

When facing a heroin possession charge, it’s important to understand the exact nature of your charge and possible penalties. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can provide you with the necessary advice and legal defense to protect your rights.

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